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My Hobby/Obsession/Money Pit: Photography

Chase County Lake Falls and Plants 2016

NYC 2016

Moss Beach/Devil's Slide 2016

Wood Reunion 2016

Clover Cliff Ranch Prairie Burn
Clover Cliff Ranch
Craig McCord Photography
Jason Soden Photography

Tochi 2016
Sights and Scenes
Team and Patients
Uriarte Talavera Tour

LA Train Trip 2016
From the Train
California Science Museum/The Getty
Topanga Hike
On the Beach
On the Town

Chicago 2015

Alaska 2015
Trip Slideshow
Hyperlapse Video: Alaska: Inside Passage/Tracy Arm Fjord - Path of the Icebergs

Flint Hills Rodeo Parade, June 2015

Marco Island Time-lapse

San Francisco Visit, April 2015
San Francisco

Tochi 2015
Patient Slideshow
Village Life/Puebla/Landscapes

LA Visit, February 2015
Venice Beach
Marina del Rey Sailing

Hiking in the Superstitions, AZ, January 2015

2014 Catch-Up, favorites from November and December

Wolf Spider

Worldwide Photo Walk 2014
Walk Website

October 2014

Colorado Vacation 2014
Littleton Museum (Museum Website)
Family Visits
Breckenridge Time-lapse

Chase/Marion County Visit 2014

New Lens August 2014

Farmers' Market 2014

Tochi 2014
Patient Slideshow
Popocat├ępetl Time-lapse
Photo Gallery
Teotihuacan Panoramics - From Pyramids of the Sun & Moon

International Sculpture Garden, JoCo Arboretum, April, 2014

Chase County Visits, 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter, 2014

Clara's 2nd, February 2014

Chili Supper, February 2014

Arizona 2013 Family Gathering

Time-lapse Videos
Sunrise, Camp Wood, March 2014
Arboretum 2014, April 2014

Lunar Eclipse, April 15, 2014

Family Info