D. Frederick Dyck has become a contributing editor to Mennonite Family History, a quarterly periodical covering Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren genealogy and family history.  See what he's written, and plans to write about.

As is true of all genealogists, Frederick's research is ongoing. In August of 2018, he released the following revision: Dyck Family Lineage and Data, Jacob J. Dyck: Am Trakt to America, available as a PDF document by clicking on the link.

Frederick Dyck and his mother, Alice Sitler Dyck, are authors of this book, and Eric and his brother Charles helped them to convert their typewritten works into formatted pages for printing at the print shop where Charles works. Numerous old family photos have been included in the book, published in 2000.

The pages which follow contain Chapter Two from the book, which includes information on the Dyck and Wall family names, origins, early history, and genealogical data. Also included are photos and maps that are included in the chapter. Click on the thumbnail photos and links to see the full size photographs and maps. Other chapters in the book include Historical Background, The Claassen Family, The Harder Family, and Jacob J. Dyck - From the Steppes of Russia to the Plains of Kansas

The second part of the book, Sixty Years of Silence, includes Alice's history The Dyck Family in Soviet Russia, her translation of Cousin Gustav Dyck's Memoirs, photographs, and the following Appendices: Family of Johannes Dyck, The Villages of Am Trakt, listing the families of Am Trakt by village (Fresenheim, Hohendorf, Lindenau, Koppental, Lysanderhoh, Orloff, Medemtal, Ostenfeld) in the 1920s, and Fate of Persons Arrested in Am Trakt, by village.

We hope that this "teaser" will arouse in you a desire to own and read the entire book. The price is $35 (to cover costs) plus shipping ($5 per book). A few hard cover books are also available for $60 each. Send a check to Alice Dyck, 231 W. 3rd Street, Washington, KS 66968, and your book (or books) will be shipped to you.

This book contains a multitude of types of material as well as being two books in one. Part I, Am Trakt to America, traces the history of the religious movements that culminated in the Mennonite denomination. The focus narrows to four family lines: Dyck, Harder, Claassen and Wall. ... This section contains family histories and genealogies, personal stories, poetry and artwork, and numerous photographs, including a fascinating picture of a Mennonite Mona Lisa ... Part II, Sixty Years of Silence, tells what happened to those who stayed in Russia. It opens up with the personal story of cousins of the writers, Johannes "Hans" Dyck and his younger brother, Gustav. Has spent 10 years in Kolyma, a much-feared gulag where temperatures plunged to 50 degrees below zero during the long winters Gustav spent 21 years in the same place. ... The two writers and editors of this book show a great devotion to uncovering family history with attention to detail. ... The descendants of the Dyck-Wall-Harder-Claassen families, as well as other readers of Mennonite history, are blessed to have this wealth of facts and stories available now in one place.
Katie Funk Wiebe, Mennonite Weekly Review
The titles identify the contents of this very attractive volume. The Dyck clan is well known in Canada and the USA ... This book is much more history than genealogy, richly illustrated with maps, photographs (historic and contemporary), and full colour reproductions of many sketches and paintings of artist and naturalist, Abraham Claassen (1825-1910). Glossy paper and sharp photographs make this an unusually attractive volume.
Adolf Ens & Lawrence Klippenstein, Mennonite Historian